Tonickx, one of the leaders of the fashion industry in Belgium, designs and manufactures the latest women's fashion exclusively for international mass retailers and Internet companies, who assign their own private label - their own brand name.

As the ‘leader of unbranded brands’, we are fully committed to the added value that our collections bring for our clients - since 1994. Tonickx' established reputation is built on the reliable production of fashionable, affordable and quality clothing for fashion-conscious young women.

Our creative team translates styling trends from the catwalk into commercial collections in record time. Thanks to the vertical integration of our international subsidiaries, we produce and deliver swiftly, flexibly and carefully to our European customers.

Fashion is my profession

Act the way you dress

Good clothes open all doors

Nice to dress you

Dress to impress

Dressing is a way of life

The joy of dressing is an art

Style is eternal

We design dreams

Dressed to kill

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