History of

As a ‘leader of unbranded brands‘, we are fully committed to the added value that our collections deliver for our clients - since 1994.

  •   1994: The Belgian Company "Tonickx" is established


  •   1995: Foundation of our first production unit Supply Chain Fashion, situated in Monastir, Tunesia.

- confection capacity : 45,000 pieces/week

- 800 employees

- www.supplychainfashion.com


  •   1999: Foundation of our second production unit Pro Fashion, situated in Piatra Neamt, Romania.

- confection capacity : 8000 pieces/week

- 50 employees

- www.pro-fashion.ro


  • 2008: Foundation of our fabric sourcing unit Fashion Forever, situated in ShaoXing, China.

- fabric sourcing, quality check of fabrics in their own laboratory, logistics and shipping

- capacity: 1.2 million meters of fabric per year

- 8 full-time employees


  •   2010: Start building new Tonickx HQ at Evolis


  •   2011: Move into new facilities at the Evolis Business Park in Kortrijk


Fashion is my profession

Act the way you dress

Good clothes open all doors

Nice to dress you

Dress to impress

Dressing is a way of life

The joy of dressing is an art

Style is eternal

We design dreams

Dressed to kill

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