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About Tonickx

Tonickx designs and produces women's fashion by translating the latest fashion trends into the needs and DNA of retailers and fashion brands. Tonickx collections are customized specifically for each retailer or fashion brand and, thanks to vertical integration with production in Romania and Tunisia, are produced and delivered at record speed to contribute to our clients' success.

Fashion spreads

Our Garment Factories

In 1999, we started our own garment factories in Romania Pro Fashion and Tunisia Supply Chain Fashion, Ouardatex.
Our garment factories give us the control over all operations and at the same time it allows flexibility
for various sizes in order quantities: from small production runs of 150 pieces up to very large production runs of 10,000+ pieces.



Tonickx is organized to deliver high quality production in record time on both small runs as well as very large quantities.

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Continuous improvement

To keep up with the needs of our customers in this fast changing fashion world, we continue to invest in both new technology and hardware as well as in innovative organization.


Producing garments with respect for people and planet is an important value for the Tonickx group.


Quality Control

We secure our quality in both fabric and finish by a dedicated QC team that controls all stages of the manufacturing process.


The Story of Tonickx

25 years ago, the fashion industry was characterized by a big rush towards low-wage countries.
Tony Vanwijnsberghe and his wife Nicky, wanted to challenge the tendency of always producing and ordering the same thing. They wanted the client to feel a sort of need to receive a variation on a successful existing item.
In that way, clients would constantly have the feeling that they're seeing something new.

They chose to launch a non-branded brand.
It’s not easy building up a brand just like that: you need a substantial budget and a strong focus on marketing.
Therefore, most brands are very volatile in the long term, which involves the risk of having to reinvent
your brand after a couple of years.

In 2019, They decided Tonickx needed a new breath of fresh air to answer to volatile market that is Fashion.
Tony Stepped down as a CEO and assigned Lode Van Laere as the new CEO of Tonickx.
With Lode they made room for contemporary ideas and management.
Putting Lode in a key position in the company is a strong sign that Tonickx wants to keep being
the Belgian leader in unbranded brands.

And so the story continues...

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